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En artikel hvor du besøger mig, og hvor jeg viser hvordan jeg indretter vores hjem.

In my first real blog post here at Enfants Terribles Magazine, I will invite you into my home, and show you how I decorate while still giving my daughter as much space as possible for playing and having fun. I will also focus a little on renovating homes while living in it at the same time. A subject that is very important in my life at the moment because my family and I are in the process of rebuilding our home.

Most of the materials we have used for renovating our home, are bought as secondhand. Apart from our windows whice are purchased new in order to save energy, and our floor which is made of osb boards ( Oriented strand board ) – boards that are made of residual materials from wood. We want to buy as much as possible of what we need for the house as recycled material. We have taken this decision because we do not have a large budget, but also because we want to avoid waste when materials can be used for many more years. To live with sustainable care and long-lasting solutions is important for us.

Lets begin the tour around our home, where I will show you how we have added personality to our home.

Nordiske Riger

I will start at our dining table which is a table I am very happy about. It is a table my boyfriend made out of 200 year old floorboards which comes from his grandfather’s farm. We have a very long living room, and therefore needed a table that could fit well with our 6 meter long window section that goes through most of the living room. And when we suddenly got these beautiful floorboards, it was not hard to decide what they should be used for in the house.

I really like the idea of longtables, and I enjoyed it when we were sitting 16 people around the table for brunch at our daughters birthday.

Nordiske Riger

Photo text: If you pay attention to the small bump at the floor on the left side. Here we plan to build a flower box to be filled with beautiful plants. Under the box the cords will be tucked away, so we do not have to look at them. We haven´t started to build it yet, while we want to wait untill we are sure where our TV, stereo and vinyls should be placed.

To me it is important that there is space for children and play in the home, and that they live in a house where it is possible to move around and have fun. But at the same time it is also a great joy to have the things you love around you. So eventhough we are not totally done with renovating our house, I try to make every room as cosy and childfriendly as possible. We still move stuff around, but it is also nice to try out different spaces, and see what is working for us. And when decorating, we only live by one rule:

That we do not want to live as they do in the interior magazines, but live in a home with personality and in a way that makes our family happy.

The most valued things I own are not exspensive, but have a great value for me because it used to be my grandparents, or it is items we found on our fleamarket tours around Denmark. Thoose things mostly lives on the top shelf, but are still mixed with childish things. And then some vases and other ceramics are at a level my daughter can reach – you also have to trust the little ones. And most of the time it goes well.

Nordiske Riger

Our kitchen is a workspace where there must be enough room to experiment with baking and cooking. Therefore, there is not much beyond what’s necessary in the kitchen. Except when I sneak in a little flea market finds and photos. It’s great to have something nice to look at while you prepare dinner.

Nordiske Riger

Veras room is a lovely bright room with lots of space to play in and to enjoy. Originally the room was several small dark rooms, so we chose to tear down the walls and paint it white and mint-colored. We kept the acoustic panels called troldtekt, that was on the walls, as it provides a good acoustics and is different than ordinary white walls.
Vera’s room is full of flea market finds and old things we have inherited. It is important for us that the pictures on the walls are in childish strokes and colors, as we are convinced that it inspires for play and creativity.
At Veras name giving party we had only wished for homemade gifts. A pair of our friends made the decorative mobile hanging from the ceiling.
The pictures on the wall are made by Oliver Lake, Michelle Carlslund, By Wonderhagen and Lisa Grue.

This was a little tour of my home. I hope you enjoyed it, and it was fun showing you some of the rooms in our house. I would really like to see how you decorate your home. Are you using Instagram you can show me details from your home by using #etmagdeco. Maybe your personal homedecor will be displayed here on the blog in one of my upcoming post.

Thanks for stopping by, Bests from Stine

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